Workshop Schedule

Saturday Feb 2nd 12:30 - Building your mental gym, how to get started.

Saturday Feb 9th 12:30 - How to set realistic fitness goals

Saturday Feb 16th 12:30- Nutrition 101 Protein/Carbs/Fats

Saturday Feb 23rd 12:30- Anatomy 101 How the body functions

Saturday Mar 2nd 12:30- Functional training, what is it and how can it benefit me

Saturday Mar 9th 12:30- H.I.I.T. What is it and will it work for me

Saturday Mar 16th 12:30- Why diets fads fail

Saturday Mar 23rd 12:30- How to read nutrition labels and what to look for

Saturday Mar 30th 12:30- Cannibus Oils, What are they and do they work