Cooper CS5 Grand Touring

Producer: Cooper (USA)

Model Name: Cooper CS5 Grand Touring

Vehicle Type: Cars

Seasonality: Summer *

Spikes: no

Cooper CS5 Grand Touring tire description

The summer tire Cooper CS5 Grand Touring is designed for passenger cars and is well-deservedly popular with car owners. This model is the best example of a combination of excellent driving characteristics and high quality. When creating the tire, the specialists took into account the wishes of consumers, and the main emphasis was on increased reliability and controllability. To achieve this, a new tread design and a high-strength frame were used.

Asymmetric tread pattern

The company's specialists opted for a strict asymmetric tread design that has balanced characteristics. The tread consists of five ribs. Part of them, located in the shoulder area, contains elongated blocks that protect the tire from damage and increase stability during maneuvers. The central row of blocks with a large number of notches increases directional stability and accelerates responses to steering turns. Four deep canals quickly remove water, minimizing slash mapping. Smaller channels increase stability when driving on wet surfaces when the road is covered with a small water film. Special slats reduce noise while driving, making the ride more comfortable. A special protective ring in the shoulder area protects the tread from border damage.

Second generation rubber compound

The Cooper CS5 Grand Touring used a second generation rubber compound, which is characterized by a high content of silica. It is characterized by excellent elasticity, due to which adhesion to any road surface has increased, restoration properties have accelerated, and rolling resistance has decreased. Also, the rubber compound has excellent heat-resistant qualities, preventing possible damage during overheating. The manufacturer gives a guarantee of up to 130 thousand mileage on this model, which indicates increased wear-resistant qualities of the tread. At the same time, the tire has a minimum braking distance and the best speed characteristics in its class.

Shockproof frame

To increase driving safety, possible damage must be reduced. For this purpose, a special shock-resistant cage is used in the tire, which can withstand high loads and impacts without problems. It is produced on new equipment using nylon cord and special steel rings. A denser winding of the cord improved the strength of the frame and reduced its weight, which positively affected the speed characteristics.

This model is the best option for drivers who want full control of driving.

Main features of the Cooper CS5 Grand Touring tire

- asymmetric tread pattern provides confident control, quick feedback and increased stability during maneuvers;

- an unusual rubber compound improves adhesion to any coating, accelerates recovery properties and reduces the rolling coefficient, reducing fuel consumption during movement;

- the shock-resistant frame prevents possible damage, withstanding maximum loads without problems, making the movement as safe as possible;

- A new form of drainage channels quickly removes water from the contact zone, preventing slash plening.

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